Hydraulic Construction Company Emiliana

More than 50 years of experience

The Nuova Seco – Hydraulic Construction Company Emiliana was founded in 1967 by some productors of hydraulic cylinders, telescopic double acting 2 or 3 stages with strokes up to 15 meters in total. In the second half of the 90s, suitable machines allowed the production of hydraulic cylinders production of alternative products such as rollers and shafts for textile and leather industry, calenders and rolls for rolling mills, axles, propeller etc…
The factory occupies a surface area of ​​3500 m² and is equipped with 10 cranes with a capacity of 1.6 t 5 t. It has several automated welding systems and robotic welders from all managed by ‘Italian Welding Institute IIS with qualification of welding procedures. In addition, the New Seco, thanks to over 47 years of experience in the design of hydraulic cylinders, is able to provide advice to their clients by directing them towards the best solutions.